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Conor O’Sullivan


Conor O’Sullivan’s musical journey started as a teenager with an unlikely interest in the tenor banjo. Just 3 years later Conor was a regular performer in The Corner House, Cork City playing in weekly sessions and soaking up as much as possible from players like Mick Daly, Christy Leahy, Aidan Coffey, Matt Cranitch to name a few. Soon after Conor started performing for a stint with the energetic Cork outfit North Cregg while resident banjo player Paul Meehan was unavailable.


After performing in the U.K., Germany, Belgium and the U.S. by age 21, Conor decided to focus more on acoustic guitar and through regular collaborations with Mick Daly, gathered a wealth of knowledge regarding accompaniment in both traditional tunes and song. This broader interest in acoustic music eventually led to the formation of folk band “Deluce’s Patent”, a 4-piece ensemble featuring all stringed instruments and vocals. The group recorded one album with guitarist/producer Donogh Hennessy and performed in Scotland, Russia as well as at home in Ireland. In 2012 Deluce’s Patent were asked to headline the St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Moscow as guests of the Irish Embassy. Over the course of two years they shared the stage with Dervish, Tom Baxter, KAN and Altan.


In 2012 Conor went on to join Silta, a fusion band boasting members from Germany, Norway, Ireland and the U.S. The band recorded one E.P. and played material primarily from Scandinavia including traditional songs from Norway, Scotland and Ireland sung by Norwegain folklorist Angun Sønnesyn Olsen in her native tongue.


The next four years saw Conor back touring extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada as a guitarist with the hugely popular show Celtic Crossroads. The show featured some great musicians such as Isaac Alderson and Lisa Canny, both of whom he has worked with subsequently. Also at this time Conor was performing frequently throughout Russia with Fuinnimh. Entrusted by promoters to bring a small ever changing troupe of Irish musicians to Russia biannually, Conor created Fuinnmh as a name for the project. It ran for 5 years and helped bring Irish music to numerous cities and towns throughout the country.


Later, Conor became involved in Cork City Councils “Lee Sessions” and “Pulses of Tradition” initiatives. More recently he has performed in Germany and the U.S. with multi-award winning songwriter Barry Tierney, as half of the folk duo Leif and with many other musicians locally in Cork. In 2015 Conor released a solo album of mostly original songs and has subsequently released another three solo albums all to great acclaim.


In various different instances Conor has shared stages with or supported The Hothouse Flowers, Luka Bloom, Pauline Scanlon, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, Gerry O’Beirne, Steve Cooney, Iarla O Lionard, Damien Mullane and many more.


"In an industry where music has become disposable and social media 'style' has taken precedence over real substance, Conor O'Sullivan's crafted gems will stand the test of time. 

His thoughtful lyrics carry stories and insights; the subtle blend of melody and harmonies holds the listener from beginning to end and all of this is augmented by a rich, warm vocal, tasteful playing and high production values.

In my various roles in music over the past 40 years I have worked closely with artists and writers such as Sinéad Lohan, Mick Flannery, John Spillane, O Emperor and Declan Sinnott. Conor O'Sullivan belongs in such company.”  

- Chris Ahern, Lecturer in Popular Music, C.I.T. Cork School of Music.



"In Fifty For Electricity, Conor O'Sullivan has produced a recording that resonates and reflects our times. It's an album to savour, to cast shadowy lights on the darkness we sometimes fail to address.

Fifty For Electricity is a master of mellow melancholy that deserves the widest possible audience." - FATEA Magazine


"The Inbetween is a wonderful collection of songs, with impeccable musicianship" - Ruth Smith, RTÉ Radio 1


"John Prine, Kris Kristofferson and even Willie Nelson would be sitting up and taking notice." - RTÉ Entertainment

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